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Trainingslehre Trainingsprinzipien, Methodik, Didaktik, Technik/Koordination, Kondition, Schnelligkeit, Motivation, Stabilisierung und Steigerung von sportlicher Leistung, Taktik, Innere Arbeit

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Alt 10-07-2012, 09:09
Benutzerbild von jkdberlin
Kampfkunst: Hilti BJJ IMAG Berlin e.V.
Registrierungsdatum: 26.08.2001
Ort: Berlin
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Standard "Empty Slogans vs. Intelligent Training"

Ein recht guter Artikel, den ich euch nicht vorenthalten wollte (ist aus einer Email, daher hier nur der Name des Autors) :

"Empty Slogans vs. Intelligent Training"

This is from my buddy John Kavanagh, an awesome
Black Belt and coach from Ireland:

"It is funny to read what some people seem to
think effective training is all about. Silly
slogans like:

'Pain is just weakness leaving the body.'

'Go hard or go home.'

'Ya man I lifted until I collapsed.'

Let me give you a secret: all the top fighters
I've trained and all the top athletes I know, the
ones who reached a very high technical level, they
all train at a moderate pace most of the time;
but, only in every single case.

One good session a day, medium pace with some
bursts of intensity, and then 'maybe' one lighter
session in the evening; in fact the best guys will
avoid spazzy guys that just want to go nuts, it is
of no benefit to them, and they are an injury

Skill attainment aint a sprint folks, you'll be
'jogging' for many years; take it easy and look
after your body, don't buy into BS slogans.

Flow with the go."

I liked this post for a couple reasons.

First, it's no secret that I'm a fan of
intelligent training and looking after your body
-- and as you know that becomes all the more
important for the 40 Plus'ers out there.

Taken in context, his post dispels some of the
B.S. that's floated around much of the time.
What's the context? Well, in addition to having an
incredibly tough jiu-jitsu mat, over the last few
years John has built one of the top competitive
MMA schools in Europe, racking up title after

In short, he has some serious ANIMALS in his gym,
and they train very hard. The point being, he is
not promoting fluff to be scorned at by the
machismo-spouting crowd... he's not talking about
training that's "easy."

The huge difference between "easy" and
"intelligent" training is as often misconstrued as
the difference between "basic techniques" and
"fundamentals." (Honestly, I've come to the
conclusion that a certain level of intelligence is
required to truly understand and appreciate these
distinctions, but that's another story).

When it comes to competing, you must train hard.
But that doesn't mean approaching training with a
macho mentality.

Toughness should be a material aspect of your
preparation, not an attitude.

Or, as we like to say:
"Tough is not how you act, it's how you train."

Stephen Whittier
Frank Burczynski


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Alt 10-07-2012, 10:43
KKB-Userstatus: Senior
Kampfkunst: Kali Sikaran, Pencak Silat Concept
Registrierungsdatum: 12.07.2005
Ort: Köln - Hauptstadt des pathologischen Frohsinns
Alter: 51
Beiträge: 1.296

Zitat von jkdberlin Beitrag anzeigen
-- and as you know that becomes all the more
important for the 40 Plus'ers out there.
... word!

Schöner Artikel
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Alt 10-07-2012, 11:21
Benutzerbild von Ir-khaim
KKB-Userstatus: Senior
Kampfkunst: BJJ
Registrierungsdatum: 01.01.2007
Ort: Peine
Alter: 29
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Alt 10-07-2012, 11:25
Benutzerbild von MFMMA
KKB-Userstatus: Beginner
Kampfkunst: Mi Ka Do
Registrierungsdatum: 10.04.2012
Alter: 34
Beiträge: 214

Danke fürs teilen des Artikels.
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