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19-07-2017, 08:11
Big NEWS!!!

Our V. BJJ intensive Camp is going to be from the 26. - 29. October in Cap Wörth in Klagenfurt. Next to the BJJ intensive Camp there will be a Curriculum Camp (white to blue) going on as well.

After the success from our last camps we decided to make a next big step and offer more to all BJJler out there. If you want to get your blue belt in BJJ, you want to become a coach or start your BJJ Programm at your school and are looking for a proven curriculum from white to blue this Curriculum Camp will be for you. This is our first Curriculum Camp for us and we are focusing to all techniques for the blue belt. Our plan is to offer one curriculum camp on each intensive Camp. Next time blue to purple curriculum camp and so on...

So you can can take part in our V. BJJ intensive Camp with all the befenits we are know for. High quality techniques. 10 - 15 black belts from all over the world, Time for Open Mat and Sparring. Enjoy your time with old and new BJJ friends, sauna, indoorpool, free time at a beautiful location - this time on the Wörthersee...

Following Instructors are confirmed for your 5th BJJ intensive Camp at the Wörthersee:
• Prof. Renato Migliaccio (Organizer) – BJJ, Wrestling, Business Class
• Prof. Martin Guggi (Organizer) – BJJ, No Gi, Ginastica Natural
• Prof. Hans Hutton – BJJ, Luta Livre
• Prof. Mario Hudelist – BJJ, No Gi
• Prof. Marius Maisen – No Gi, Wrestling
• Coach Wolfang Michor – Judo, Physiotherapist

Not confirmed yet:
• Nathan Basseto – BJJ, Gi and No Gi
• Bert Obernosterer – No Gi und Luta Livre
• Rick Hunley – BJJ, Wrestling
????? more to come …

Prices and all infos you find here:
BJJ INTENSIVE CAMP | Camp V – October 2017 (AUT) (http://www.bjjintensivecamp.com/t…/camp-iv-october-2017-aut/)

But if you want to take part at the curriculum camp as well then there are 6 more classes with all techniques from white to blue. The curriculum camps are going to be taught by Prof. Renato Migliaccio and Prof. Martin Guggi. Costs are for the regular camp (do not miss the early bird special) plus 299 Euro for the Curriculum Camp. Material is included in the price!
Check out the first rough schedule for the V. BJJ intensive Camp + 1. Curriculum Camp (white to blue)!

For any question please contact: mguggi@gmx.at