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04-09-2017, 09:39
Guten Morgen Forum, Salam Hormat.

Aufruf an alle Kampfkunst begeisterten und Interessenten: dieses Seminar gewährt euch einen perfekten Einblick in die Welt des Pencak Silat mit kang Popeye S. Satjadiguna und dem Meister aus Indonesien Abah Gending Raspuzi (Lehrer von Cecep (the RAID 2)
Es lohnt sich auf alle Fälle! Anmelden Leute bevor alle Kapazitäten erschöpft Sind :)
Ps: auch für Anfänger geeignet ;)

Mehr Infos:

Hello friends and fellows,
please let me to tag and invite you to this event.
(If you don't want to be tagged, just tell me and I'll remove that, or you can easily remove that.)

Following the successful Seminar of 2016, Garis Paksi and PPI (Indonesian Student Association) - Hannover is proud to present the annual German Pencak Silat Seminar 2017.

The seminar will be held at:
Hannover, on 23-24 September 2017
Host: Popeye Satjadiguna.

Materials of the seminar are: Ulin Makao (23.9.2017) and Ulin Sera (24.9.2017).
Like last year's seminar, we emphasize on the traditional aspects and the originality. You will learn Adab (Silat's manners), Jurus and its application like our ancestors did it hundreds of years ago.

The material will be given by Master Gending Raspuzi, a famous traditional pencak silat teacher from Bandung - Indonesia.

Please contact the above host for more details about the seminar and cost.
You can send Email to:
WhatApps: +49 176 38065141

Register required and the place is limited, so book early to avoid disapointment. Please help us to forward this information and post it on your wall. Thank you!