Physical Cultivation Methods of the Chinese Martial Arts

What we will cover: We will be exploring how we can use and adapt physical conditioning and preparatory practices of traditional Chinese martial arts to help us develop general strength, agility and mobility.

Level: Open - beginners are definitely welcome, and the material is totally adaptable to any level!!

Date: May 7th, 10.00 - 17.00 with an hour lunch break.

Price: 150€

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Further Description

In Chinese traditional martial arts, training typically starts with 'Jibengong' - foundation training. These are preparatory exercises that develop the basic physical aspects of the body before more complex martial training begins - strength, fluidity, agility, and coordination all see tremendous benefit from these very unique exercises. We will explore many such exercises in the workshop, as well as see the completely novel method of programming that is used by the Chinese use. Expect arm and leg swings of many variaties, static and moving stance work, stepping drills and much more!

We will focus on qualities over performance of flashy skills. The qualities created by such exercises are quite rare to see in other practices, and are extremely beneficial for physical health even if you are not engaging in a complete martial system of training. Deep relaxation and a strong united body are possible for anyone with dedicated practice of these simple (but definitely not easy!) practices.

About Craig Mallett

Craig Mallett - the founder of Aware Relaxed Connected, is currently touring Europe teaching his Body Awakening and Repatterning techniques in both solo and collaborative workshops. He has over 13 years of experience with the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan, and in 2014 became a student in the Daoist tradition 'Da Xuan' under Serge Augier. He is also well versed in many other physical arts, having trained in and drawing heavy influence from methods such as Physical Alchemy [Dave Wardman], Stretch Therapy [Kit Laughlin], and Ancestral Movement [Simon Thakur], as well as gymnastics strength training, various natural/movement methods, and traditional strength and conditioning.

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