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Thema: Enfusion#73 - 27. October 2018 König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen

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    Standard Enfusion#73 - 27. October 2018 König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen

    Enfusion#73 - 27. October 2018
    König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen

    Enfusion Belt Night
    The Fight Sport-Event of the year in Germany.

    The Enfusion Oberhausen event at the König-Pilsener-Arena in Oberhausen with 10.000 spectators, will present 4 World Championship Fights and a 4 man qualification tournament. The winner of the 4 man qualification tournament will qualify to enter the final grand tournament held in Abu Dhabi December 2018 where the grand prize will be 100.000 dollars.

    The fight card is built on 3 blocks (Enfusion and 2 x Enfusion Talents).
    DK-Fightpromotion presents Enfusion Oberhausen – World Class K-1 fighters which include Tayfun Ozcan, Artur Kyshenko, Enriko Kehl, Jordan Watson, Luis Tavares, Bogdan Stoica, Endy Semeleer, Aziz Kallah, Nordin van Roosmalen, Ibrahim EL Boustati, Vasilis Kakarikos, and many other class A fighters.

    During this event, there will be four refreshment stands available to provide for drinks and snacks. A separate VIP-Area offers exclusive room for over 800 VIP Guests. Our catering service offers a culinary all-around service where no wishes are left unanswered. The upscale atmosphere and the special flair in combination with our highly experienced team, guarantee a unique event with high professional program.

    As our previous successful events have shown, our motto for this event will be a fair sportsmanship competition based on a friendly atmosphere for both fighters and spectators.

    We kindly invite you and look forward together for an unforgettable evening with authentic fights and exciting encounters in the ring. DK-Fightpromotion thanks all partners and sponsors for their support which will make this Enfusion event an extraordinary sport experience for both fighters and spectators.

    Admittance: 13:30
    Start: 14:00 (Undercard)
    Start: 16:30 (Enfusion# Talents)
    Start 19:00 (Enfusion#55 Talents)
    Start: 21:30 (Enfusion#73)

    Fightcard and Event Info:

    Event Tickets are available under:
    Ticketshop – https://www.ticketmaster.de/…/enfusi...sen-t…/259085…

    König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen
    Arenastraße 1
    46047 Oberhausen

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    Enfusion macht sich. Freu mich schon auf das Comeback in diesem Monat von Mohammed Khamal gegen Tayfun Özcan.
    Wenn Khamal in alter Form ist wird es eng für Özcan imo.

    Gesendet von meinem Xperia X Compact mit Tapatalk

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