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    Standard Rough and Tumble

    Habe ich gerade im Netz gefunden und fand es für mich als "Historiker" ganz interessant:

    Rough and Tumble
    In rural areas of America during the 18th and 19th centuries, there existed a form of street fighting know as ‘Rough and Tumble’. Common among the poor and never an organized sport, these were mixed martial arts fights with virtually no rules. Striking (both standing and ground fighting), wrestling and all types of submission holds were allowed, as was biting, striking to the groin and eye-gouging. When used to settle a dispute in the manner of a duel, combatants could agree to fight by prizefighting rules or opt to go Rough and Tumble, with victors often becoming local legends or heroes. The barbaric fighting style was most common throughout the South and in the working-class communities throughout Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
    The savagery exhibited by Rough and Tumble fighters was shocking to European observers, and an act passed by the Virginia Assembly in 1752 refers to these men by stating ‘many mischievous and ill disposed persons have of late, in a malicious and barbarous manner, maimed, wounded, and defaced, many of his majesty's subjects’.
    Philip Vickers Fithian would describe Rough and Tumble in 1774 as follows:
    “…like prize-fighting, two men would meet at a space, surrounded by a cheering and typically inebriated crowd, and start off by boxing. However, the fights would quickly deviate from standard pugilistic decorum, for the rules that kept boxing confined to rules of engagement, Rough and Tumble fights were truly anything goes. When one man would go to the ground, the other man could kick, stomp, strike, or gouge. In Rough and Tumble fights, there were no-holds barred as part of the 'gentlemanly' agreement. The only thing that was not permitted was the use of weapons, although that did not deter many fighters from turning their own bodies into weapons”.
    Frank Burczynski

    HILTI BJJ Berlin


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    Solche vollkommen regellosen Systeme gabs früher überall, vom "Raufen" im Alpenland, über originales englisches Boxen (pre-pugilism) bis zu Sumai in Japan.

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    das hatte ja nicht nicht sport zu tun?

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    Rhein-Main Gebiet


    Wäre interessant zu wissen ob, es das technische Ansätze gab, oder ob es komplette "Bum Fights" waren....

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    An eye-witness description:

    ..."The battle began - size and power on the Kentuckian's side, science and craft on the Virginian's. They exchanged cautious throws and blows, when suddenly the Virginian lunged at his opponent with a panther's ferocity. The crowd roared its approval as the fight reached its violent denouement:
    The shock received by the Kentuckyan, and the want of breath, brought him instantly to the ground. The Virginian never lost his hold; like those bats of the South who never quit the subject on which they fasten until they taste blood, he kept his knees in his enemy's body; fixing his claws in his hair, and his thumbs on his eyes, gave them an instantaneous start from their sockets. The sufferer roared aloud, but uttered no complaint. The citizens again shouted with joy. Doubts were no longer entertained and bets of three to one were offered on the Virginian."

    "But the fight continued. The Kentuckian grabbed his smaller opponent and held him in a tight bear hug, forcing the Virginian to relinquish his facial grip. Over and over the two rolled, until, getting the Virginian under him, the big man "snapt off his nose so close to his face that no manner of projection remained." The Virginian quickly recovered, seized the Kentuckian's lower lip in his teeth, and ripped it down over his enemy's chin. This was enough: "The Kentuckyan at length gave out, on which the people carried off the victor, and he preferring a triumph to a doctor, who came to cicatrize his face, suffered himself to be chaired round the ground as the champion of the times, and the first rougher-and-tumbler."

    "The poor wretch, whose eyes were started from their spheres, and whose lip refused its office, returned to the town, to hide his impotence, and get his countenance repaired." The citizens refreshed themselves with whiskey and biscuits, then resumed their races."...
    Yet another as described by a fighter:

    "...Then you and I are to fight, hey, said I.

    To be sure all ready !cocked and primed all ready !

    At this there was a general outcry, all present setting up a shout, and shaking their hats.

    Wait a moment, said I, Im not ready so fast I heard you speak of gouging are we going to gouge ?

    Ay, gouge and bitepull hair and scratch ! was the answer, and again they yelled in chorus.

    And strangle too, I suppose, said I, thinking if any thing would have an effect on them, it would be a show of self-confidence and coolness.

    As I spoke, I tore off my stock with a jerk, and the collar and bosom of my shirt followed by which means my chest became exposed, and as he caught sight of it, I saw him quail and well he might, for it is frightful constant exercise and daily habit of sparring has thrown out the muscles, so that when he saw them they were quivering among the luxuriant black hair with which my breast is covered, like a wounded and exasperated snake.

    Come on, said I, throwing myself into a position to receive him.

    He leaped at me I sprang aside, and he struck the wall with such violence that it stunned him, and he fell at my feet. Impatient I waited his recovery, for I felt that I could easily level him. At length, he gathered himself up, and with curses set upon me I parried his blows, and gave him two in return one in the pit of the stomach, and one in the face, that made the blood gush from his nostrils in a steady stream he staggered against the wall, and stood there retching and panting for more than a minute, with the blood and whiskey running together from his mouth but the next moment I was under him, as helpless as a babe, stunned and suffocating. Suddenly, I felt his great hand wreathed in my hair, and the thumb approaching my right eye, digging about my temple. I remembered what I had heard it was gouging ! the thought was madness with one effort I grappled at his throat I reached it I seized the loose flesh, and twisted it he uttered a shriek of agony his hold began to loosen his swollen tongue lolled out of his mouth his hand fell, and his breath rattled in his throat I quit my hold, and he rolled from me senseless, black in the face, and apparently dead.

    I trembled in every joint, shuddered for fear I was a murderer, and fell senseless at his side..."
    A few interesting takes on the history of amateur, no-holds-barred fighting, as practised in the earliest times of the American States.

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    Die eye jabs haben versagt?

    Der Kampf endete erst, als er ihm die Unterlippe abbiss. Könnte man es so zusammenfassen?

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    bonn - bad godesberg


    hier der alte klassiker:

    "Gouge and Bite, Pull Hair and Scratch"
    The Social Significance of Fighting in the Southern Backcountry


    etwas neuer:

    'Rough-And-Tumble': The Deeply Southern Tradition of Nose-Biting, Testicle-Ripping, and Eye-Gouging

    "If one of you can punch a hole through a shoji with just your ejaculation, then you'll be a real martial artist!" Morihei Ueshiba

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