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    Das hier ist gerade in meiner mailbox gelandet. Der Mensch macht schon seit vielen Jahren die InxBums-Szene in den USA unsicher, aber jetzt ist er endgültig übergeschnappt. Kenner werden ihn sicher wiedererkennen, auch wenn ich den Namen herausgenommen habe..


    Ancient Chinese Longevity & Healing Techniques Reveals How to Breathe Disease Out of Your Body Secret Methods Date Back Over Four Thousand Years
    Harness the Most Fundamental Life Force Known to Eastern Disciplines

    This is a weekly email course for 9 months to a year. Everything you need to learn the course will be send thru email every week, if you want to attend the physical classes on Thursday at 6:00 pm and Saturday at 11:30 am in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that is also included.

    Weekly Step-by-step Instructions on Qigong Offered for the First Time Ever This is the first time that the ancient system of Qigong has been translated, and made available to Westerners. We'd like to offer you a special opportunity to try it yourself. Ordinarily, course such as this sells for $2000 in the Republic of China. But we're offering Heaven Earth Human Qigong: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing and Brain Nourishing Techniques for the discounted price of just US $49.95 a month -- a DRASTIC discount over a personal, one-on-one instruction course! This offer comes to you directly from me, which is how we're able to offer you such a low price. There are no middlemen, no clearinghouses, and no national chains to mark up the price. This is a limited time offer, so don't delay. Respond today to get signed up - credit cards only. Space is limited.

    Dear Members: I recently revealed to the public a rare step-by-step instructional course about one of the only known secret systems of Chinese fitness and healing. It's a system of breathing techniques combined with simple body postures, handed down for centuries by traditional Chinese martial artists and doctors. These powerful techniques use the principle of Qi (pronounced "chi"), considered by Eastern disciplines to be the energy source that carries life through your body.

    Imagine treating and preventing cancer, colds, viruses, ulcers, heart disease, arthritis, impotence, and discomfort from menopause?simply by breathing!

    Imagine banishing headaches, fatigue, nervousness, stiffness and pain?simply by breathing!

    Imagine harnessing the most powerful force in your body, channeling it, and using it to heal yourself!

    You don't have to imagine it - you can do it! Please let me explain... This Recently Revealed Course Explains Ancient Chinese Secrets For more than thirty years, I practice and kept health secrets and natural cures and remedies from the public -- many of the treatments, cures and techniques often overlooked or suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment. However, it will no longer be kept a secret. I am sharing this system with you. It's a secret system of Chinese breathing and brain nourishing exercises called Qigong, a system that's been used by Chinese doctors for thousands of years to treat everything from colds to cancer. According to the ancients, there are three factors to a healthy body, healthy emotions, and glowing spirit: the healthy and living food you eat, the pure water you drink, and the quality of air you breathe. Of the three, the breath is the most important because it circulates and nourishes everything within your body. Modern science has only recently discovered that various breathing techniques can affect mood, energy, attitude, and even hormones with in the body!

    The techniques are based on a force called Qi (also known as "ki," or "chi" by Eastern philosophies). It's the same force the ancient Vedics of India called "prana" and was identified as "pneuma" by the classical Greeks. It is even mentioned in the Bible as "ruah" or the Breath of Life. Qi is the vital, essential force behind all life. One ancient saying states that "Qi is the mother of blood." Acupuncture, acupressure, traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu and reiki are all based on the principles of Qi, and work on the paths through the body through which this energy flows. Anyone familiar with Eastern forms of exercise and meditation has probably heard of Qi. Taiji (Tai Chi), yoga, kungfu, karate, and Chan/Zen meditation all teach correct breathing as the basic necessity for practice. That's because correct breathing is the first step in focusing the power of Qi and radiating it through the body. I'll tell you more about how these techniques work in just a minute, but first, let me tell you why we so desperately need these secret techniques...

    Your Breathing is All Wrong In the Western world, we've learned extremely poor breathing habits. We've been taught from an early age to hold in our stomach and stick out our chest. Men are supposed to stand like soldiers, and women like beauty queens. The result is that we learn to breathe by puffing out our chest. This causes very shallow breathing. We're only using the upper portion of the lungs, and neglecting the lower lungs entirely. This poor breathing has even led to a condition known as "hyperventilation syndrome," a little-recognized but common disorder that can cause everything from tiredness and chest pains to sexual problems. People take rapid, small, upper-body breaths, and are not getting enough oxygen. Doctors Recognize the Importance of Proper Breathing Now, any doctor can tell you that exhaling carbon dioxide too quickly will disturb the balance of acidity and alkalinity -- known as your pH --in your blood. When the acid level drops, a complicated reaction occurs that actually keeps the blood cells from delivering oxygen to muscles and organs, including the brain. According to leading doctors in integrative health, what happens is that the upper chest -- specifically the muscles at your neck and upper back -- take over the job of breathing. This can lead to high blood pressure, racing heart rate, and shallow breathing that can lie at the root of many of our ails, including heart disease. Doctors have begun to realize the importance of proper breathing. Breathing techniques are now used by Western doctors as a variety of treatments for everything from sports performance to reducing high blood pressure, and from headaches to emphysema. This is a good beginning, and a step in the right direction. But the breathing techniques Western doctors are using are still simply based on getting more oxygen into the lower lungs. Western Medicine Completely Misses the Most Powerful Secret of Healing Unfortunately, Western medicine refuses to recognize the existence of energy fields. If Western scientists can't measure something, quantify it, and put it under a microscope, to them it doesn't exist. In the Eastern healing systems, they're not bound by these quantitative limitations.

    These techniques have been used for thousands of years, and their outstanding track record of success is enough proof for them. These healers understand the most powerful force in living beings: the Power of Qi. By practicing Qigong, the ancient Chinese breathing and brain nourishing techniques, you do much more than simply get more oxygen into the lower lobes of your lungs. You actually radiate vital life energy through your body. The ancient Chinese believed that when Qi is stalled in your body, you get sick. When you practice Qigong, your energy is able to travel through your body freely, healing and preventing disease. That's why Qi is the basis of so many Eastern healing arts. They believe that healing and wellness stem from the care and management of this central life force, the energy system that is within every living creature. The belief is that when Qi flows freely and smoothly, the body's organs and systems are in a state of harmony. When Qi becomes blocked, imbalance and illness can occur. Probably the most well-known system based on Qi is acupuncture. Acupuncture charts show 12 major meridians in the body, (paths that Qi flows through), as well as minor meridians and other points across the body. The acupuncturist uses hair-thin needles placed in designated spots along these meridians to stimulate the body's energy. Shiatsu, acupressure and reiki also work on these meridians and energy fields. Like these other disciplines, Qigong stimulates the body's energy, but without needles or touch. You don't need to go to an acupuncturist, a shiatsu practitioner, an acupressurist, or any therapist at all. You can practice Qigong easily, right at home, any time of the day that's convenient for you. It uses body postures, simple movements, and precise breathing patterns to change the flow of this healing energy inside and outside of the body.

    Simple Techniques Balance Your Mind and Body, Freeing Healing Energy The first techniques in this course show you how to prepare for Qigong by relaxing your body. You will be shown the exact posture you need to assume for each exercise. These are very relaxed and comfortable positions. When you're in the proper position, it's called "Tiao Shen," which means "regulating your body." Next, you're taught to relax your body and mind. You reach a completely peaceful state of mind. This is called "Taio Xin," which means "regulating the mind." Finally, you're shown how to balance your breathing into a calm, deep, slow rhythm. This is the most natural and comfortable way to breathe, and it's called "Tiao Qi," or "regulating the breathing." The result: you are completely relaxed! You will feel calmness and peace within yourself. You will feel emotions such as nervousness and anxiety slipping away as you learns how to avoid having a tense body, a frozen mind, or stuck (or tense) breathing. Your Qi can flow smoothly through your body, and you are ready for specific Qigong techniques. There are two ways to learn - active (meaning detailed, step-by-step instructions for the body, for the breath, and for mind concentration) and passive (meaning that you simply do the exercise itself to receive benefits without needing to understand or "focus" anything).

    It's absolutely the simplest and safest way in the world to rejuvenate yourself. Each one of these techniques is carefully explained. They're easy to follow, and easy to do. No confusion, no misunderstanding. I will bring these ancient secrets to your life and delivered them right into your hands in Heaven Earth Human Qigong: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing and Brain Nourishing Techniques. As you perform these techniques, you can actually feel the powerful force of Qi. It begins in your brain, runs down your spinal cord and lower back, and then diffuses through your body. And you achieve this feeling by sitting or standing in the correct posture, performing some simple movements, and breathing correctly.

    You have absolutely nothing to lose! Respond today to get signed up and callXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- credit cards or auto bank withdraw. Space is limited.

    Sincerely, GM XXXXXXXXX

    "The truth cannot be communicated through words."
    Alle Punkte klar? :D

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    krokin Gast


    prinzipiell halte ich Qigong für eine hoch interessante Sache und würde gern mehr darüber lernen; denke aber dass man dafür auch mehrere Jahre benötigt und es nicht nur per Bankeinzug von monatlich 49,90 getan ist - leider !

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    Türkei - Istanbul...


    Quelle: https://www.agorahealthbooks.com/p/H...ith_Ki-Kou.htm

    Imagine treating and preventing cancer, colds, viruses, ulcers, heart disease, arthritis, impotence, and discomfort from menopause--simply by breathing...
    Imagine banishing headaches, fatigue, nervousness, stiffness and pain, simply by breathing...
    And imagine harnessing the most powerful force in your body, channeling it, and using it to heal yourself...
    Imagine all this, and you will understand how important a discovery we've made. Please let me explain...
    Da hat jemand eventuell ein bissken abgeschrieben?

    gaaaanz viele Parts sind einfach copy&paste gemacht worden
    "Nicht durch Alter, sondern durch Wissen erlangt man Weisheit..."
    Bodenkampf ist nur schwul, wenn man sich dabei in die Augen schaut. :P

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    Armin Gast


    Traurig ...

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    Ein absolutes Erfolgsmodell .... mein ONLINE Schnellimbiss mit Döner und Pommes frei Haus per EMail ist bereits in der Planung
    Die Unbesiegbarkeit liegt in der Verteidigung, der Sieg im Angriff.

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    Zitat Zitat von FCVT Beitrag anzeigen

    gaaaanz viele Parts sind einfach copy&paste gemacht worden
    Das heißt richtig: gaaaanz viele Parts sind einfach geguttenbergt worden
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken
    Der Magen einer Sau, die Gedanken einer Frau und der Inhalt einer Worscht, bleiben auf ewig unerforscht.

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    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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